It’s our mission to make Fountn the first place designers look. 

As designers, it’s our job to create products and experiences that people love. But in order to do that, we have to know where to look for design resources.

For a long time that wasn’t easy. All the good stuff was either locked or gated. And the rest? Well, it wasn’t exactly up to par, either. Which got us wondering: Why wasn’t there a place designers could turn to for premium resources – without having to break out a credit card?

And that’s when Fountn was born.

From general inspiration and topic-specific information to design assets and job searches – Fountn is the go-to space for designers from all different disciplines. 

Why? Because we all want the same things: 

  • To master our craft and be recognized for our hard work

  • To find valuable resources – without going down a rabbit hole of open tabs

  • To shed the skin of imposter syndrome and replace it with new layers of confidence

And in the last few months, Fountn has helped designers do just that.

What started as a scrappy Notion doc. built on hopes and dreams, has become a user-centric community guided by the following five fundamentals:

Knowledge shouldn’t be behind a paywall.

It’s hard enough finding helpful resources as it is. And once we do know where to look, we often have to pay to play. Our goal is to rid the design world of these dead ends and create a space where knowledge is accessible and shared with everyone.  

Quality resources create quality designers.

By only sharing high-quality, impactful resources, we hope to enhance the quality of our community’s work. Leveling up in your work and career becomes effortless when you have excellent resources at your fingertips. 

Continuous improvement paves the way.

With new design resources being released by the millisecond, we know how tiring it can be to keep up. So we update Fountn on a near daily basis, making it easy for people to always scoop up something fresh.

Succeeding alone is possible – but a lot harder and lonelier than doing it together.

When inspiration comes easy it’s great. But when we hit that wall, leaning on community matters goes a long way. When we share our challenges, questions, and worries as designers, sharing our success is even more rewarding.

So without further ado, here’s to more looking, more creating, and more succeeding.

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